Why Buy Local?

Why Buy Local?


Multiple studies have shown that each dollar spent at local, independent businesses on average generates at least three times more direct local economic benefit as a dollar spent at absentee-owned formula businesses.



Our businesses not only compete on price but they know their product line inside and out, offering unmatched value and service. If it is not the owner helping you, it just might be one of their kids or grandkids. Regardless, local service providers really learn your needs to respond better and adapt more quickly.



Because each independent business is unique, it adds character and diversity to its neighborhood. The founder/owner usually lives nearby and feels greater responsibility toward the community and supporting local causes, schools and organizations.

In an increasingly homogenized world, communities that preserve their one-of-a-kind businesses and distinctive character have an economic advantage.



Local businesses procure more local goods and services, thus reducing the need for transcontinental shipping.

Indie businesses use existing infrastructure more often than national businesses that must follow predetermined building specifications.



MetroIBA is devoted to preserving the locally owned, independent businesses that help the Twin Cities maintain its unique community character and economic strength.

We do that by promoting these businesses through our networking events and online directory, educating the public on the VALUE of shopping local and, we seek to improve the conditions for local, independent business by influencing public policy.


The following article was co authored by AMIBA founder, Jeff Milchen. He offers encouraging news on the buy local trend and explains ever so articulately why it matters.

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