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Buy Local: Indies & Sunday Liquor Sales

Posted on: June 30, 2017

PixieLiquorsAfter 159 years, Minnesotan’s won’t have to make border runs for liquor on Sundays. Beginning July 2nd Minnesota “blue laws” banning Sunday liquor sales are a thing of the past. For local indie and small businesses owners, removing the ban represents both an opportunity and a significant challenge.

While polls showed roughly two-thirds of residents supported allowing liquor stores to operate on Sundays, local indies have voiced many valid concerns. Will Big-Box and chain stores be the clear winner? Will indies NorthLoopsee six days of purchases just stretched over seven days while operating costs increase? Stores in border cities may benefit – but will most others? Sunday sales makes the Twin Cities a more appealing market to Big-Box and chain store expansions – will indies be faced with additional competition and pricing undercuts from large businesses as a result? MetroIBA will follow the outcomes and update as the effects to our members becomes clear in the coming months.

Now that Sunday Sales are here – how are local indies responding? Some have chosen not to open on Sundays. Others indicate they will open Sundays only for special occasions such as New Year’s Eve and the Superbowl. Still others will be open Sundays just in time for the July 4th Holiday weekend and they need your support! We’ve compiled the following list as a guide to help you Celebrate Your Independents and Buy Local!

MetroIBA members open for Sunday Sales:

Lowertown Wine and Spirits    11am – 4pm

Mahtomedi Liquor Barrel          11am – 6pm

North Loop Wine and Spirits    11am – 6pm

Pixie Liquors                             11am – 4pm

The Little Wine Shoppe            11am – 4pm

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