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Metro IBA Condemns Racism

Posted on: June 22, 2020

MetroIBA is an alliance of independent, small businesses in Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro area.  Many of our members were impacted by the protests, sustaining damage to their businesses.  While that damage is relatively easy to fix, it does not compare to the unjust and unnecessary death of George Floyd.

MetroIBA and its members are committed to come back stronger, more aware, and more just.  We are committed to the growth and prosperity of our community driven by local business ownership.  We believe that fair and just treatment of our employees, customers and suppliers is paramount to creating a community where all can thrive.  During this difficult time, we call upon everyone of the Twin Cities to unite in condemning racism and the adverse effects it has had on People of Color in our country for centuries.  Working together we hope to find solutions that can allow people to live in peace, and our communities to work for all residents.  Coming together won’t be easy, but it is something we must do.  We encourage people to speak up, listen to others’ perspectives, and seek solutions for all.  Together we can build a place where everyone is welcome, everyone is heard, and everyone can prosper.

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