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Testifying at Political Hearings Webinar Recording

Posted on: February 4, 2016

MetroIBA Webinar: Learn how to have an effective voice at political hearings!

MetroIBA Pu Policy Committee Member and owner of  The RM Group, Todd Mikkelson, has put together a free webinar to train small business owners to testify at political hearings so we can have our voice heard in policies that affect us.

This free January webinar will include everything from where to park to how to speak at hearings. By the time you’re addressing the panel, you’ll feel comfortable and confident. And you’ll be that valuable and powerful voice for us small business owners.

Although we make up 95% of Minnesota businesses, we individual small business owners can’t afford to pay lobbyists to be our voice at the capitol. We have to do it ourselves. Todd has witnessed how powerful an actual small business owner’s voice can be in comparison to a paid lobbyist when testifying at the state capitol or at a city council hearing, and he wants to impart that wisdom to you. It can be an intimidating prospect but, armed with the right knowledge and tools, you can make a difference.

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