Let the Twin Cities Mayoral Digital Forum 2017 guide your election decisions.


We contacted all mayoral candidates and asked them to provide video responses centered on questions addressing Shared Sustainable Prosperity and other partner issues.

Twin Cities Mayoral Digital Forum 2017

These candidate responses are accessible online October 17 – Election Day November 7.

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All St. Paul Candidates

Individual St. Paul Candidate responses:

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 All Minneapolis Candidates

Individual Minneapolis Candidate responses:

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About the Forum:

Mayoral candidates of Minneapolis and St. Paul were invited to provide up to 10 minute videos and comments addressing Shared Sustainable Prosperity; how would they create shared sustainable prosperity through their administrative actions, policy development with their council and other governmental partners, and develop ideas with the community itself. Each partner contributed specific questions. All registered candidates were contacted by the forum.

Shared Sustainable Prosperity is the integrated development of all assets within a community for collective economic and social growth. Its broad objective is to:

  •  Activate people as assets with the resources to sustain a high quality of life
  •  Support small business effort to enhance its community
  •  Ensure all residents have access to essential educational opportunities
  •  Develop critical Infrastructure strategies and investments are made to ensure communities are connected to other efficiently, effectively, and equitably.


More About the Forum and Question Set:

The full candidate question set and additional information is available from OneMN.org at: