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MetroIBA is a non-profit organization working to support and preserve locally owned, independent businesses in the Twin Cities region.  MetroIBA's mission is to help the Twin Cities maintain its unique community character, provide continuing opportunities for entrepreneurs, build economic strength, and create an environment where  locally owned, independent businesses grow and flourish.

Our three goals are:

1.  to promote local independents.
2.  to educate consumers on the value of shopping at locals.
3.  to improve conditions for local independents by influencing public policy.

Supporting locally owned, independent businesses keeps more of your money in your community.  When you spend $1 at a local independent, an average of 68 cents is recirculated into the local economy.  In contrast, when you spend $1 at a national chain, only about 43 cents stays at home.  If Twin Cities consumers shift even 10% of their spending from chains to locals for one day, the Twin Cities economy gains some $2 million.*



*Source:  Andersonville Study of Retail Economics, by Civic Economics, October 2004 and MN Dept. of Revenue, Gross Retail Sales for 2003.

Become a member of MetroIBA today!  Membership for businesses is $180 (plus $50 per each additional storefront); $180 for non-profits, and a mere $50 for citizens.  Business members must meet the following criteria:

  1. Primary place of business in 7-county Twin Cities Metro area.
  2. At least 51% locally owned.
  3. Able to make business decisions without approval by owners or affiliates outside the region.
  4. Have no more than 6 outlets / bases of operation in Minnesota.
  5. Not a publicly traded corporation.
  6. Agree with mission and values of MetroIBA.


Citizen Members:

  • Lisa Boyd
  • Marit Brock
  • Brett Buckner
  • Alan Carlson
  • Jim Carlson
  • Catherine Day
  • David Frenkel
  • Elizabeth Hamel
  • Andy Hamerlinck
  • Gordon Hanson
  • Jack Hoeschler
  • John Kolstad
  • Julian Loscalzo
  • John Mannillo
  • Jesse Mortenson
  • Wendy Rahn
  • Peter Rosendale
  • Sabine Shae
  • David Shove
  • Gabriel Skelly
  • David Unowsky
  • Linda Winsor
  • Harvey Zuckman

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