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MetroIBA is a group of dedicated independent business owners who work together to support locally owned businesses in the Twin Cities. By combining resources and experience the MetroIBA brings a unique combination of services and benefits to members and the local economy. Our vision is to become one of the strongest and most effective advocates of independent business in the metro and to have a lasting positive impact on the issues facing the local economy.

Independent businesses have long been the backbone of the American economy. They play a critical role in:

  • Building strong communities. Studies show that small businesses contribute more of their revenue to charitable causes locally than national businesses do. In addition, the care they demonstrate for their employees often exceeds the basic requirements of government regulation.
  • Countering sprawl, reducing traffic, and enhancing quality of life. Independent businesses tend to favor locations in neighborhood business districts. These areas create far less demand for public infrastructure and services compared to auto-dependent developments and, as a result lessen the burden on local taxpayers.
  • Strengthening local economies. Local businesses re-spend a much larger share of their revenue within the local economy compared to national chains, creating more jobs and opportunities.
  • Protecting consumer interests. A marketplace of tens of thousands of locally-owned independent businesses is the best way to ensure innovation, broad product choices, and competitive prices over the long-term.
  • Ensuring long-term economic stability. Communities with many small businesses and a large degree of self-reliance are more diversified and stable than those dependent on a few large firms, and less vulnerable to distant economic forces.
  • Keeping the American Dream alive. For generations, starting a small business has been a means by which families and immigrants have pulled themselves out of low-wage jobs and into the middle class.
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What is MetroIBA?

We help local and independent businesses thrive so our economy will, too.

MetroIBA is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting locally owned, independent businesses in the Twin Cities region. Our mission is to help the Twin Cities maintain its unique community character, provide continuing opportunities for entrepreneurs, build economic strength, and create an environment where locally owned, independent businesses grow and flourish. 

Research shows that, on average, every dollar spent at a local, independent business generates at least three times more direct economic benefit than a dollar spent at absentee-owned formula businesses. Through marketing, education, and advocacy, MetroIBA is working to preserve the independent businesses that help the Twin Cities maintain its unique character and economic strength.


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