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Black-owned businesses add jobs and economic growth to our economy.  They enrich us with new and unique products and services.  They provide opportunities to millions of Americans.  Shopping and buying from them is critical to our community’s success.  And there is more that you can do.  Check out this article from Entrepreneur that gives six ways you can support Black-owned business.  #shopblackowned.

Support Small Business Why Buy Local is Important!

Keep money local — Local businesses spend their money locally.  Research has shown that local businesses recirculate 3X the revenue back into the local economy per sales dollar than do national retailers or online stores.  That money goes to build their community. (Learn more here)

Create jobs —  Independent businesses employ more people per dollar of revenue.  And they are customers of other businesses in the community, expanding opportunities for local entrepreneurs.

They give back to the community – Small businesses donate more than twice as much per sales dollar to local non-profits, events, teams and schools compared to national businesses

Contribute to a healthier environment – Community based businesses reflect their community.  The typically consume less land, carry local goods, and are located closer to customers. And so create less traffic and air pollution.

They contribute to tax base – These businesses generate more tax revenue per sales dollar, and those taxes are reinvested by the communities.  They place less wear and tear on infrastructure and safety services, which save their communities money.

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