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“IT MADE SENSE IN THE ’60s,” Electric Fetus co-founder Keith Covart has said when asked about the record and gift store’s name. Stating the obvious, it’s a unique name, even now more than 50 years later. As difficult as the name is to explain, the store is equally as difficult to define. The Fetus, which at 2000 S. 4th Ave. is on the southeastern edge of downtown Minneapolis—along with a second location in Duluth—prides itself on being so many things to so many people. Read full story here >

Member Stories

Why Buy Local?

  • Value

    Local businesses offer unmatched value and service. Not only do they compete on price—they also know their product line inside and out. When you shop an independent businesses, you often work directly with a family member, if not the owner themselves. Local service providers take the time to understand your needs so they can respond better and adapt more quickly.

  • Community

    Independent businesses add character and diversity to a neighborhood. Business owners typically live nearby and feel a greater responsibility toward the community—these are the people you’ll see actively supporting local causes, schools, and organizations. By supporting local businesses, you’re investing in your own community and quality of life.

  • Sustainability

    Local businesses are more likely to rely on local goods and services; reducing the need for transcontinental shipping and ultimately creating a healthier and more sustainable world. They also use existing infrastructure more often than national businesses, which are required to follow predetermined building specifications.

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