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Why I Invest Locally. Why I Buy Locally.

Posted on: May 15, 2018

Wondering why local matters?

Read Why I Invest Locally and Why I Buy Locally. These two articles in the May 2018 Minnesota Women’s Press issue are written by MetroIBA members who shed some light on the the importance of supporting local business. Included below are just a few reasons why local matters.

Why I Invest Locally

“It is local businesses that create neighborhood jobs. Local owners support local schools and nonprofits with donations. Some of them diversify and create new businesses, or other investments in nearby blocks. Local independent businesses help to keep our personal real estate taxes in check.” Terri Banaszewski, Sunrise Banks

Why I Buy Locally

“In so many ways, independent businesses can do what larger corporations can’t. They give you personalized service and unique products that are often sourced locally and are thoughtfully selected specifically for our local needs.” Julie Novak, Bank Cherokee


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