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Making Membership Meaningful

Posted on: June 20, 2016

Before our business joined MetroIBA, we read the monthly newsletter. The topics were pertinent and we appreciated the candor with which they were written. After skimming the membership directory, we recognized the names of many local shops and services we patronize and products we consume. We thought, “These are our people,” and became a member.

Woody Allen’s quote about “80% of life is showing up” leaves the remaining 20% of life to our imagination. Perhaps getting involved in an organization contributes to that 20%. Even if it can’t be measured, the benefit of contributing to an organization often leads to getting to really know a few people, attaining professional growth, setting and achieving goals, and just plain having fun.

For example, while visiting with Mark Sommerfeld and Emily Robertson at my first-ever MetroIBA networking event, they asked me what committee I was considering joining. By the time I’d finished my beer, I knew the date, time, and location of the next membership committee meeting. I’ve enjoyed attending and participating ever since.

Membership committee members welcome members and guests at events. We also deliver packets to renewing and new members. The packet contains a bounty of information, gifts, coupons, and enticements from fellow members. Each committee member is responsible for a “chunk” of the metro area that is located near our own business. One of the great joys of being part of the membership committee is sharing “shop talk” with enthusiastic fellow members when we welcome them to MetroIBA and deliver their packet.

You are welcome to experience similar joy by becoming active in one of MetroIBA’s three committees–membership, education, or public policy. Membership development coordinator Hannah Grimm is happy to talk with you about the available 20% of your life.

Contributed by Sue Filbin, Smiling Dog Design

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