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Why buy local? The Multiplier Effect & Mississippi Market Natural Foods Co-op

Posted on: December 8, 2017

The Multiplier Effect

Mississippi Market Natural Foods Co-op shares in this video that every $1 spent in the co-op generates $1.60 in the local economy through the multiplier effect.

Your dollar supports the Co-op’s ability to buy local produce, provide local jobs, support local farmers and give to their local community.

The multiplier effect is just one benefit of shopping local at Mississippi Market Natural Foods Co-op. Learn more in this video about the differences between a food co-op and grocery store created by Rewire and featuring Katie Marty of MetroIBA member, Mississippi Market Co-op.



Want to learn more?

ILSR has a new infographic: The Ripple Effect When You Shop Local that talks more about this.

Here’s #3 You Strengthen your local economy.  Check out this and other Ripple Effect points of shopping local at ILSR


The Ripple Effect - Multiplier Effect of buying local
Multiplier Effect and Infographic from ILSR

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